Ingredients of facial oil




Grapeseed Oil  


Grapeseed Oil is your skin's life coach.

It is a powerful plant-based moisturizer that directly addresses dryness and damage. It is ultra-lightweight for quick absorption that works from within to balance out your oil production for a built-in glow.

Hydrating and healing

Regulates oil production

Vitamin E for sun protection


Lavender Oil


Talk therapy for your skin

Stressed skin is unbalanced and all over the place, with either overproduction of sebum or not enough. This leads to patchiness, unevenness, and random breakouts. Lavender oil addresses all your issues and brings you back to your center. It’s a healing breath of fresh air that fades dark spots from your past, heals irritated skin in your present, and secures for a bright future.

Smoother texture

Prevents breakouts

Calms irritation


Clove Oil


Hot Yoga for your skin.

Clove oil gets you right and tight. It is a workout for your skin that literally gets your blood flowing. The added circulation and stimulation helps you shed weight in the form of dead skin cells to reveal firmer healthier skin. 

Removes dead skin cells

Increases cell turnover



Geranium Oil


Naturally filter-free

No Skin is pampered, plump, and petal soft. Geranium Oil packs real flower power with its ability to soften wrinkles and blur fine lines. As a natural astringent, it gives skin a visible push-up and lift by preventing the loosening of facial muscles and skin.

+Texture smoothing

+Tightening and Firming

+Enhance youthful glow


Juniper Berry Oil


Natural Performance Enhancer

Some breakouts are inevitable. Juniper Berry Oil supercharges skin with the ability to heal and snapback quicker! Breakouts are shorter and blemishes disappear faster for a fresh vibrant complexion.

Revitalize and recharge skin

Faster healing

Reduces appearance of blemishes


Tea Tree Oil


No juicing or tummy teas needed.

Tea Tree Oil is here to purge out toxic impurities with its antimicrobial and antiseptic properties. It clarifies and decongests skin to minimize pores while increasing the appearance of tightness. Toned, tight, and firm without the gym part.  

Calms redness and inflammation

Minimize enlarged pores

+ Reduction of acne and breakouts


Clary Sage Oil 


Cleanse your space and pores. 

Bacteria and impurities are all bad vibes -- you don’t need that type of negativity. Sage away all the pollutants that get in the way of living your best skin life. Clary Sage oil possesses powerful purifying properties that keep skin clear and control shine.

Stabilizes oil production

Calms itching and irritation

+ Soothes breakout


Orange Peel



Set major skin boundaries

Maintains skin’s barrier functions to fight against early signs of aging. It’s a powerful antioxidant that promotes clarity and protects against free radical damage. Orange Peel Oil regulates and breaks up dark spots by distributing melanin for a uniform tone. It’s your skin-surance with an extended protection plan.

+ Vitamin C to repair damage

Retain moisture

Decrease hyperpigmentation